Globalt ry The Maker's Instructions: Helping Children to Explore and Understand the Ten Commandments (Paperback) by Knights-Johnson Sarah PsfIellw

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Product Description:

At some stage children need more than simple Bible stories to guide them further in their growth in Christian knowledge. Some parts of the Bible are harder to put across than others. This instructive booklet produced by Christian Focus addresses this issue by focusing on the Ten Commandments the 'Maker's Instructions' of the title.Each commandment is explored in 'bite-sized' chunks with humorous line illustrations and with suggestions for follow-up applications on what has been learned. At the end is a craft idea and coloured dice game for playing the Exodus from Egypt and Journey to the Promised Land although you will need to supply your own dice and counters. The booklet succeeds in its aim to present children with penetrating concepts in a modern way.Assuming a familiarity with prayer and access to a Bible this is a thought provoking guide. It is ideal for more studious 7-11 year olds or could be used with parental supervision to good effect especially in the context of family Bible study. Children's group leaders would find its ideas inspiring although they would need to check on the copyright before using the illustrations etc. A sound booklet.