Direkte fabrik Everything I Don't Remember (Hardcover) by Khemiri Jonas Hassen Willson-Broyles Rachel vF2uok9U

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Dazzling inventive witty: a writer pieces together the story of a young man's death in an exhilarating narrative puzzle reminiscent of the hit podcast Serial A young man called Samuel dies but was it an accident or suicide? An unnamed writer with an agenda of his own sets out to piece together Samuel's story. Through conversations with friends relatives and neighbours a portrait emerges: the loving grandchild the reluctant bureaucrat the loyal friend the contrived poser. The young man who would do anything for his girlfriend Laide and share everything with his friend Vandad. Until Vandad marginalised and broke desperate to get closer to Samuel drives a wedge between the friends and Samuel loses them both. Everything I Don't Remember is an enthralling tale of love and memory. It is also the story of a writer who in filling out the contours of Samuel's life is trying to grasp a universal truth - in the end how do we account for the substance of a life?'With its energetic prose and innovative structure Everything I Don't Remember confirms that Jonas Hassen Khemiri is not only one of Sweden's best authors but a great talent of our time' Vendela Vida author of The Diver's Clothes Lie Empty